Operational Safety Experience of Ghana Research Reactor-1 and Its Impact on the Nuclear Power Program in Ghana

Benjamin J. B. Nyarko, Edward H. K. Akaho, Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako, Rex G. Abrefah, Ekua Mensimah, Kwaku A. Danso


Ghana has operated her miniature neutron source reactor with careful adherence to safety standards. Reactor's safety features have proven efficient and several efforts are underway at the Centre to ensure its safe operation. The ageing management policy of the Centre has usually been integrated into the existing schemes for ensuring safe practice. The periodic safety reviews that have also allowed for efficient safety analysis are also discussed. The establishment of the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences by the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission in collaboration with the University of Ghana is facilitating training of the needed human resources for the operation of the facility as well as the planned nuclear power plant and maintenance of nuclear knowledge in the country.


safety reviews; experience; human resource

Full Text: Nyarko_EREM_2(56)_2011 (69-72)

Print ISSN: 1392-1649
Online ISSN: 2029-2139