Distribution of Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration in Kaunas 2003–2007

Keywords: nitrogen dioxide, annual and seasonal mean of nitrogen dioxide concentration, nitrogen dioxide concentration distribution maps


The aim of the present study was to assess distribution of nitrogen dioxide concentration in Kaunas. A passive sampling method was used. Sampling was carried out in 62 measurements points of Kaunas city during four different seasons in 2003-2007. According to the measured concentration average seasonal and annual concentration of nitrogen dioxide was calculated.

The study results showed that mean nitrogen dioxide concentration in Kaunas was 18.1 µgm-3. The highest mean seasonal concentration was found during spring (20.1 µgm-3), the lowest - during winter (16.5 µgm-3). The highest nitrogen dioxide concentration was in Centras district (26.3 µgm-3), the lowest in Rokai - 11.4 µgm-3.

Using Arc GIS program, maps of nitrogen dioxide concentration distribution were plotted. Nitrogen dioxide concentration interpoliation results revealed that the highest pollution was in Centras, Žaliakalnis, Dainava districts, the lowest was found in the areas with lower traffic flows and more green places.

Author Biography

VYTAUTAS MAGNUS UNIVERSITY, Department of Environmental Sciences, PhD