Factors Determining Preferences of Particular Environmentally Friendly Non-food Products

  • Renata Dagiliūtė Vytautas Magnus University
  • Rasa Paulauskaitė Vytautas Magnus university
Keywords: sustainable consumption, eco-labelled products, factors, willingness to choose


Consumption-related social and ecological aspects are widely discussed and addressed as sustainable consumption is one of the main perquisites for sustainable development. Choosing and paying for environmentally friendly goods is one of the options to contribute to positive consumption patterns. Nevertheless, different drivers might shape willingness to choose and to pay for eco-labelled products. The paper aims to assess the main factors for choosing eco-labelled non-food products in Lithuania. Statistical analysis of the survey data indicates that different products attract different willingness to choose particular eco-labelled products. In addition, products reveal different factors behind, though they are dominated by income factor. Influence of advertising and friends is not so significant. Growing economy and income could lead to the increase in eco-labelled products’ demand, but different consumer groups should be already addressed to contribute to more sustainable consumption.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.erem.72.1.14359

Author Biographies

Renata Dagiliūtė, Vytautas Magnus University
Assoc.prof. department of Environmental Sciences, Vytautas Magnus University
Rasa Paulauskaitė, Vytautas Magnus university
Department of Environmental Sciences