Seasonal Behaviour of a Shallow Estuary of Lower Cauvery Basin, India

  • Priya K L Karunya University, Coimbatore, India
  • P. Jegathambal Water Institute, Karunya University
  • E. J. James Karunya University
Keywords: Salinity, shallow estuary, bifurcating mouth, flushing time, diffusion coefficient, estuarine classification


The effect of bifurcation at the estuary mouth was studied on the measurements of salinity, current and tidal depth in a shallow estuary during spring and neap tides of two different seasons. There was a considerable variation of salinity at the observed stations during the seasons. At the shallowest location of the estuary, salinity, as high as 37 ppt, was observed during the period of zero fresh water discharge. The flushing time of the estuary was higher at its western side compared to the eastern one. The diffusion coefficient was reached by using an advection-diffusion equation. The estuary was classified using a circulation/stratification diagram. Well mixed conditions persisted during pre monsoon and post monsoon in the Muthupet estuary.