Procedure of Landscape Anthropization Extent Modeling: Implementation for Ukrainian Physic-Geographic Taxons

Viktor Samoilenko, Ivan Dibrova, Volodymyr Osadchyi, Liubov Vishnikina


The procedure of anthropization extent modeling for landscapes and/or physic-geographic taxons was implemented for the specified megaregion – Ukrainian physic-geographic zones of mixed and broad-leaved forests and forest-steppe. The spatial data bases (SDB) for the implementation megaregion were organized by appropriate geoinformation processing of up-to-date open digital spatial data sources. The implementation operating scale of anthropization extent for physical-geographic taxons was substantiated and created in accordance with the megaregional SDB. The scale embodies 55 operating land use and/or land cover (LULC) systems causing determinate anthropization extent, presented by corresponding to mentioned systems anthropization categories and indexes. The operating scale was strictly implemented for the megaregion, including the anthropization extent modeling at the level of physic-geographic areas and districts with the interpretation of the obtained model results. Such results display that the land use consequences are altogether unfavorable for the natural environment of the megaregion.

The model implementation achievements indicated the relevance and objectivity of proposed approaches to the landscape anthropization extent modeling and their application suitability for schemes and projects of environmental management.



landscape, anthropization, modeling, spatial data bases, physic-geographic taxon

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Print ISSN: 1392-1649
Online ISSN: 2029-2139