Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) Based Environmental Impact Minimization of Solid Fuel Boilers in Lithuanian Industry

  • Marius Šulga
Keywords: environmental impact, solid fuel boiler, coal, firewood, life-cycle assessment


Today Europe is facing unprecedented energy problems related to the EU dependence on energy imports, concerns about global supplies of fossil fuel and obvious climate change. However, despite all these problems Europe wastes at least 20 percent of energy due to its inefficient use.
The EU energy efficiency policy states that one of the biggest saving potentials lies in heating of the buildings whose current consumption is ~ 1725 Mt. The EU building sector is the largest final energy consumer.
This research deals with domestic solid fuel boilers that are used in buildings and their efficiency increase by applying life-cycle tools. This article analyzes the situation of manufacturing solid fuel boilers in Lithuania, the EU EuP policy, the main environmental issues of boilers production (their production and use phases). The impact of two different fuels (wood and coal) on the environment is also estimated, propositions of an ecological design of boilers are presented and a new solid fuel boiler is described.