Intensity of Nutrient Leaching after Application of Different Organic and Mineral Fertilizers

Kristina Lingytė, Laima Česonienė


Tests have been conducted in an experimental eight lysimeter plot. Lysimeters are dug into the ground. All lysimeters are connected by a tube which leads towards a well with containers for leachate collection installed inside of it. The aim of the research is to determine nutrient leaching intensity after application of various organic and mineral fertilizers. The following fertilizers were chosen for the research: organic - Biojodis, Biokal, slurry, Horn Shavings Provita, Horn Core Powder; mineral - ammonium saltpeter. After application of fertilizers, nitrate, nitrite, ammonium ions and phosphate concentrations in leachate were periodically measured. Research results show that the lowest concentrations of nitrites and ammonium ions are found after application of Horn Shavings, Horn Core Powder and Provita fertilizers. Application of ammonium saltpeter fertilizers resulted in nitrates leaching into lysimetric water by the 14th month; application of slurry, Biokal and Biojodis resulted in nitrates leaching into lysimetric water by the 36th month; application of Horn Core Powder, Horn Shavings and Provita did not result in nitrates leaching into lysimetric water by the 44th month.



Heavy metals; medical gloves; blister packs; inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy

Full Text: Lingyte 3(65) 2013

Print ISSN: 1392-1649
Online ISSN: 2029-2139