Odour Prevention at Biodiesel Fuel Producing Enterprises

  • Kristina Montrimaite
  • Asta Marytė Lapinskienė
Keywords: biodiesel, cleaner production, environmental indicator, odour, adsorber


Gaseous, unpleasant, pungent and even harmful odour frequently leads to complaints and appeals to the authorities. For this reason an environmental review was carried out in a certain biodiesel fuel production enterprise, odour pollution sources were identified, their quantities estimated and their impact on the environment assessed. Following the initial environmental review, significant environmental aspects of biodiesel fuel production processes were evaluated. It was found that in technological processes of heating and pressing oil, triglycerides disintegrated in aromas causing discomfort. In order to reduce this impact, the appropriate economic management method and odour removal equipment are to be chosen. When solving this problem it is suggested to install biofilters - activated carbon adsorbers with a stationary adsorber layer and probiotics. In order to choose the adsorber, a calculation method of adsorber technical parameters has been developed in accordance with literature data. The proposed preventive odour reduction means and feasibility of their technical and economical application have been analysed.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.erem.59.1.676

Author Biography

Asta Marytė Lapinskienė
senior lecturer at the Department of Technological Processes, at the University of Klaipeda