Identification of Hedonomic Road Landscape in Lithuania

Keywords: road landscape (roadscape), hedonomic, cluster analysis, contingency analysis, Kansei engineering method, semantic differential method (SD technique)


Hedonomics is quite a new branch of science which is closely related to ergonomics - where ergonomic needs, such as safety, functionality, usability, and hedonomic needs such as pleasurable experience and personal perfection just begin. Further analysis of the subject literature, and comparison of the facts about hedonomics allow us perceive hedonomic roadscape as a pleasurable roadscape. Since it is not clear how to identify hedonomic or pleasurable roadscape, the interdisciplinary roadscape evaluation method is proposed in the paper. The method is based on an assumption of a concept of hedonomic road landscape as an aspiration. The proposed method consists of a preparatory field research of roadscape including road landscape research and photo-fixation on the site, a survey method selection, questionnaires formation using Kansei engineering and SD (semantic differential) technique and a main research including sociological research and using cluster and contingency analysis. The author also identifies hedonomic and non-hedonomic landscape of main Lithuanian arterial roads which are labeled as European arterial roads and corridors of the network of European roads except for bypasses.