Adaptation of Dolomite Quarry for Entertainment


  • Jurgis Bučas
  • Jurga Kučinskienė


non-renewable resources of landscape, quarry, wasting lands, re-use, entertainment society, experience market, entertainment landscapes, theme parks


Due to the expansion of land resources use, the sites of non-re-cultivated resources extraction - quarries and other wasting lands are increasing in the landscape. Adaptation of such areas for re-use is becoming a problem of relevant economy: social, economic, environmental. Solution of this problem lies far beyond the current quarry re-cultivation tasks by its scope of issues and aspects of interest. This article deals with the topicalities of re-use of non-renewable environmental resources, analyzes the possibilities of adaptation of non-ore materials extraction sites for recreation. Further on it estimates theoretical and practical possibilities of creating the entertainment landscape in Lithuanian extraction sites of non-ore materials and formulates the land management paradigm of dolomite mines areas adaptation for creating entertainment landscapes theme park.

The article is illustrated by examples of Lithuanian and international experience in creation and use of the theme park entertainment landscape. Graphical illustrations of identified wasting land re-use for entertainment are presented, issues of supply and services market for entertainment use are conceptually analyzed, social and economic importance of hedonistic experiences in entertainment society is discussed.

The article considers a potential use of a dolomite quarry in a specific territory - Petrašiūnai (Pakruojis district) for entertainment; the land management conception of excavations application to creation of the entertainment landscape theme park is presented in a graphical plan form.