Impacts of Globalization on Green Logistics Centers in Lithuania


  • Jonas Čepinskis
  • Ignas Masteika


Green logistics, globalization, supply chain management


This paper is a theoretical analysis, opening with the introduction where the problem of the research, the object of the research, the purpose of the research and the research methods are described. The analysis has revealed that the market situation, logistics service providers face today, differs a lot from the situation years ago. Globalization as a process is lightening supply lines, thereby increasing the freight transport intensity of the world economy. Lithuania is geographically good situated, therefore there are great possibilities to integrate into the European trade community, the efficient system of logistics centers is necessary. Climate change is likely to become a major business driver over the next few decades as companies come under intense pressure to decrease the pollution to nature. The main object of this article is the impacts of globalization on green logistics centers in Lithuania. The principal purpose of the article is systemization and thorough description of the knowledge and information (found in a large number of sources) about the economic globalization concept, green logistics, logistics centers and to present a coherent overview on such aspects of logistics as: the importance of green logistics, supply chain management and collaborative logistics.