Sustainability Performance Indicators for Industrial Enterprise Management


  • Jurgis K. Staniškis
  • Valdas Arbačiauskas


Sustainable development, sustainable industrial development, sustainability performance evaluation, performance indicators


Sustainable development is increasingly considered to be a driving strategy for development. Despite the fact that sustainability performance evaluation receives broad attention from international organizations, industrial enterprises and researchers, a lot of unanswered questions remain in this area. It is commonly agreed that the use of performance indicators is a most effective way to evaluate sustainability performance, but design/ selection of sustainability performance indicators and their application wait to be explored at both national and enterprise levels until the consensus concerning the most effective performance indicator systems and methodologies for their application is achieved.

This article (i) provides an overview of different sustainability performance evaluation systems with identification of their strengths and weaknesses in respect of improved management effectiveness at an enterprise level; (ii) presents recommendations for development/ selection of sustainability performance indicators that would make it possible to increase effectiveness of decision-making and to promote application of preventive measures, and (iii) provides recommendations how the process of sustainability performance evaluation could be carried out by industrial enterprises in practice.