Organizational culture towards quality management practices considering pro-ecological view


  • Eglė Staniškienė Kaunas University of Technology
  • Joana Ramanauskaitė Kaunas University of Technology / AB „Kauno grūdai“
  • Živilė Stankevičiūtė Kaunas University of Technology



Quality, organizational culture, management practices, pro-ecological view


Scientific literature review suggests that out of four organizational culture types – hierarchical, developmental, rational, and group – developmental and group cultures are best for the implementation of quality management practices (QMP). QMP are categorized into two groups: infrastructure (top management support, workforce management, supplier involvement, customer involvement) and core (quality information, process management, product design). The infrastructure practices relate to behavioral attributes of quality management, where the core practices pertain to the technical aspects. The aim of this study is to reveal the organizational culture best suited for implementation of QMP. Also, employees’ pro-ecological view is considered to be an important factor that influences organization’s culture. Quantitative research was carried out in Lithuanian agricultural organization. Validated instruments from scientific literature were used to design an instrument measuring organizational culture, QMP, and pro-ecological view. Survey results showed that there is a correlation between developmental, group, and rational cultures and QMP. Surveyed organization has integrated culture of development and group cultures. It also displays hat organization already applies some of the QMP which makes it easier for further implementation of quality management practices and systems. Survey resulted with no significant correlation between pro-ecological view and organizational culture or QMP. Broader research sample might exhibit different results because literature shows that there is a relation between environmental awareness and organizational culture.


Author Biography

Eglė Staniškienė, Kaunas University of Technology

Professor at Management Department at School of Economics and Business