A Review of Ghana Research Reactor-1 (GHARR-1) Component Aging Degradation Problems and Ways of Mitigation


  • Felix Ameyaw University of Ghana
  • R. G. Abrefah
  • E. O Amponsah-Abu




Structures, Systems and Components (SSCs), Integrated Circuit, ageing Management, GHARR-1, Comparator Circuit.


GHARR-1 facility is a Miniature Neutron Source Reactor with a rated power of 30 kW. GHARR-1 was commissioned on 8th March, 1995. The facility has been operating using the Micro-Computer Closed Loop System (MCCLS) and Control Console (CC) for 19 years. Age related degradation effects in safety related systems of nuclear reactors are managed to prevent safety margins from eroding below the acceptable limits provided in reactors design. This paper therefore provides an update on managing the safety aspects of ageing of structures, systems, and components (SSC) of GHARR-1. Managing the safety aspects of research reactors ageing requires a proactive, systematic, and integrated ageing management approach for the coordination of all activities relating to control, monitoring, and mitigation of ageing degradation of SSC through the lifecycle of the GHARR-1. This paper outlines the ageing management program and mitigation practices. Strategies for the ageing management include: periodic safety reviews, design features for components and unit replacement, and succession planning. Information sharing with other operating organizations is one of the means considered by GHARR-1 to attain excellence. This paper again concisely reviews and integrates information developed by other aging management studies and other available information related to understanding and managing age-related degradation effects.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.erem.74.3.19974

Author Biography

Felix Ameyaw, University of Ghana

Department of Nuclear Engineering