Use of Clean Energy and Reduction of Environmental Pollution in Developing Countries


  • Shahin Shoeibi Department of Mechanical Engineering, Semnan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Semnan, Iran



In recent years, the growth of science and technology
has changed the use of various methods of energy that
were common in the pre-industrial revolution, and the
knowledge of clean energy sources has created a great
change in industrial development and human social evolution.
The strong dependence of developing countries on
energy resources, especially fossil fuels, and their excessive
use and consumption will quickly deplete the many
resources that have accumulated underground over
the centuries. Burning all the fossil fuels in the world is
equivalent to four days of solar radiation energy on the
earth, and in this sense, the solar energy is a high important
source of clean energy. Due to the fact that fossil fuel
resources are consumed very quickly, these resources
will be depleted in a short time. The current generation
has a duty to turn to endless sources of energy and expand
their knowledge to exploit these energy sources.