Global Research Trends in Emergy and Wastewater Treatment: A Bibliometric Analysis




Emergy, sustainability, wastewater, clean production


This research reports a bibliometric analysis using the bibliometrix package with information from the SCOPUS database. A descriptive analysis was performed to provide an overview of the countries, institutions, authors, journals and keywords of 80 manuscripts published between 1997 and 2022 in the field of study of emergy and its application in wastewater treatment. The results showed 2 sources with the highest h and g impact index (Ecological Engineering and Journal of Cleaner Production) with a significant growth since 2009. The most cited keywords were "emergy" and "wastewater", and the countries with the most important scientific networks were China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Brazil, Colombia and Italy. In addition, it shows that collaborative groups among the authors from China and USA are the ones that consolidate the main research network, as well as the largest scientific production with the most cited articles in the field of study of emergy in wastewater treatment. Therefore, the application of the emergy method in wastewater treatment requires extensive research in different types of treatments. This type of analysis would allow the development of a new approach in the application of wastewater treatment in terms of sustainability and the introduction of Latin American countries in this emerging field.