Celebration of Three Decades towards Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region


  • Visvaldas Varžinskas Institute of Environmental Engineering, Kaunas University of Technology; Lithuanian National BUP Centre Director at The Baltic University Programme




Celebrating the honourable 30-year anniversary of the Institute of Environmental Engineering of KTU and examining the results of research carried out by the institute’s researchers or implemented projects, we see that the best results can be achieved when all interested parties unite for the sake of sustainability: small and large businesses, representatives of science, the state itself and politicians. Researchers and students of the Institute of Environmental Engineering (APINI) of KTU not only have developed the concept of sustainable development on a regional scale, but also actively participated in international networks, and one of them, also celebrating its 30th anniversary, is the Baltic University Network (BUP). Researchers and students from Lithuanian universities (together with KTU, Klaipėda University and Vilnius University have also become members of the BUP) have been active members of the network covering the Baltic Sea region since the establishment of the BUP in 1991. Since the beginning, the BUP has worked to enhance strong regional educational and research communities, and to foster the knowledge of focus areas, which have sustainable development as their umbrella term, and of the Baltic Sea Region.