Innovation Activities to Reduce Food Losses and Food Waste in the Slovak Republic




causes of food waste, environmental impacts, reducing food losses, economic inequality, short supply chains


Due to its dependence on natural resources and weather conditions, agriculture is widely acknowledged as one of the most vulnerable sectors when talking about climate change. Lower yields and productivity, droughts, and water shortages have had an impact on food security globally. The food system using agrochemicals, cattle breeding, processing storage, transportation, and trade contributes even more to global emissions. Incorporating sustainability in the production of diverse and healthy food as a systematic approach to the concept of food security is challenging for the future capacity reduction of ecological systems due to the degradation of natural resources and the rise in social and economic inequality. Regenerative agricultural production that ensures long-term food security and nutrition, as well as processing and trade are therefore essential currently to secure the cooperation of social and economic systems. The main goal of the presented scientific paper is to point out the serious challenge of today related to environmental food losses and food waste in the world and the Slovak Republic in particular.