Evaluation of Significant Environmental Aspects in Grain Processing


  • Irina Kliopova
  • Violeta Petraškienė


grain processing, environmental performance, environmental indicators, environmental management, Cleaner Production, biodegradable waste


The survey of the companies which belong to the Lithuanian Grain Processors' Association has been carried out for the analysis of the main environmental problems in grain processing. Significant environmental aspects are identified: inefficient heat and electricity consumption, biodegradable waste formation during grain processing and grain products production. Biodegradable waste is generated not only in technological processes, but in waste treatment too, for example, solid parts (C) collected in the air emissions treatment equipment, sludge in waste water tank, etc. Different volumes of biodegradable waste in this branch of industry are indicated in the literature on this subject. In Lithuania, biodegradable waste utilization problem exists since 2004 when this waste stopped being received in dumps. Their management makes some problems, inc. financial, therefore, the companies are interested in hiding the accurate waste volume. The majority of Lithuanian grain processing companies have their own composting sites for biodegradable (BD) waste collection, unfortunately, of limited capacity. To establish the quantitative parameters of grain processing processes, inc. relative environmental indicators, an experiment was performed in an ordinary grain processing company. The results and conclusions of this experiment are presented, a significant environmental control system is proposed.