Analysis of Structures for Water Treatment from Suspended Contaminants

  • Prof. dr. habil. Viktor Georgijevch Ponomarev
Keywords: Sewage, suspended substances, concentration of suspended particles, natural factors, specific surface, cramped sedimentation, coefficient of using the volume of a structure, turbulence, turbulent component


This article deals with the problem of the analysis of structures for  sewage treatment from suspended  contaminants, there are listed the results  confirming the dependence of the process  of their separation on a majority of natural indicators with a correlation in between; there is proposed an index  characterizing the stability of suspensions to the separation process and   there is also considered the effect of the hydraulic and hydrodynamic regimes of streams in structures on this process;  there is  given an example of  designing  a  construction that includes these factors; in this article there was put forward a hypothesis of  possible  development of the unified model of analysis of structures applied for separation of suspended contaminants.


Author Biography

Prof. dr. habil. Viktor Georgijevch Ponomarev
researcher at the Research and Engineering Company "Stroyengineering SM" Moscow, Russia. Former head of  Sewerage Research Laboratory at the research institute "VODGEO" Moscow.